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NJ Senate OKs Bill to Create Task Force to Preserve Greystone

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June 21, 2010

A bill that would establish a task force to develop a preservation plan for the main building at the original Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in Morris County was approved by the Senate Monday by a vote of 38-0.

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Allentown State Hospital Undergoes a Slow, Painful Death

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June 16, 2010

The wards at Allentown State Hospital are closed, patients are being transferred and admission of new patients has stopped. Some of the staff has left while others look for work. Offices are emptied, old files have been dumped for shredding and the hallways are barren.

This is the slow, painful death of an institution, and no one can revive or reverse it.

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Westborough Land to be Studied

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June 16, 2010

What to do with the Westborough State Hospital… what to do…

You could sit back and wait to hear what the commission has to say about Westborough’s potential after they review zoning – they have a year to submit their work to legislature – or you can take the welcomed invite from the commission who say they will be seeking public input. I advise you to speak up!

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In Florida, a Lifeline to Patients With Tuberculosis

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June 12, 2010

There used to be five-hundred patients at A.G. Holley State Hospital but now there are less than fifty living in the main building. Some patients arrive with drug-resistant tuberculosis that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat and on top of that, keeping Holley air-conditioned costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

The state wants to privatize the program to save money, which would completely shut Holley down for good.

But maintaining old sanitarium ideals offers patients dentures, eyeglasses and cultural activities including outdoor classical music concerts for the noncontagious. Read the full article and engage in stories of patients struggling with TB to gain insight into their daily routine and their like or dislike or the hospital culture and treatment.

Be sure to voice your opinion on whether you think Holley should or should not be shut down.

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Meeting On Tap To Look At Westborough Hospital Site

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June 10, 2010

On Tuesday, state officials, former hospital workers and patients, attended a ceremony to mark the long-awaited closure of Westborough State Hospital.

Next week, a special commission appointed by the legislature will begin meeting to ponder the future of the 180-acre site. The first meeting of the commission will be held on Tuesday, June 15 at the Department of Public Works building at 131 Oak St. in Westborough at 5:30 p.m.

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Urban Explorers: New Thrills in Old Buildings

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May 26, 2010

Here’s an article on Texas Urban Exploring from a few new perspectives. Share your thoughts – let them know what you think.

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Satellite Tracking for Dangerous Psychiatric Patients

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June 5, 2010

Some of Britain’s most dangerous psychiatric patients are being fitted with satellite tracking devices to stop them escaping and reoffending. The device, worn on a lockable, steel-reinforced, ankle strap, allows authorities to track a patient’s movements to within a few metres anywhere in the world.


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