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Sex Assault Suspected At Embreeville

August 3, 2013 Leave a comment

February 20, 1986

Interesting article I found today that questions the connection between a satanic cult at the Pennhurst Center with a brutal sexual assault that occurred at the Embreeville Center.

State police denied that they were looking into a possible connection between the incident and Satanic cult activities that a Pennhurst official said took place among a few employees at nearby Pennhurst Center, also a state institution for the mentally retarded.

Dr. James C. Hirst, former chief of psychology and human-rights advocate at Pennhurst Center, said in an interview yesterday that police confirmed that ritualistic cult activities had taken place at Pennhurst several years ago, but he said no charges were ever brought in connection with them.

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New Jersey Man Sues Pennhurst Asylum

May 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Steven Chrzanowski from Gloucester City, New Jersey filed a federal complaint at the US District Court in Philadelphia on May 21st against the operators of Pennhurst Asylum for a leg injury he sustained on October 9th 2011. He claims two employees working “jumped onto or otherwise abruptly caused a hospital bed to strike the plaintiff in his left knee.”

Chrzanowski suffered a posterior horn medial meniscus tear, patellofemoral chondrosis, and infrapateller neuroma, which caused the plaintiff to have to undergo surgery.

Chrzanowski seeks compensatory damages in excess of $75,000.

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Pennhurst Haunt Hearing Friday

September 23, 2010 Comments off

A hearing will be held Friday morning in a lawsuit aimed at stopping Friday night’s scheduled opening of the haunted house. Promoters of the attraction say its simply a way to celebrate Halloween. But opponents say it disrespects the memories of former Pennhurst patients and would have a negative impact on the community. It’s an issue that has split the Spring City, Chester County area.

Rivkin’s lawsuit contends East Vincent township officials should have required permits for the event. A memo from township zoning officer to township manager Mary Flagg show the Halloween attraction was to be a one-time event. However, Randy Bates told Action News he considers this year the beginning of a long run.

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Rep. Fitzpatrick Remarks on Haunted Asylum Attraction

September 23, 2010 Comments off

“We don’t do entertainment projects like that for cancer or heart disease,” Fitzpatrick said. “This whole sort of trend to have haunted asylums is both discouraging and very, very inappropriate.”

-Rep Mike Fitzpatrick

Couple Asks Court to halt Pennhurst Halloween Attraction

September 23, 2010 Comments off

An East Vincent couple are asking a Common Pleas Court judge to put a halt to the planned opening this week of the haunted house attraction at the former Pennhurst State Hospital property. Saul S. Rivkin and his wife, Linda F. Rivkin, asked a judge to grant the a preliminary injunction against the attraction not so much for its potentially offensive features but rather because they contend the property owner is in violation of the township zoning code […]

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‘Pennhurst Asylum’ Shows Disrespect for the Disabled

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

The lesson of Pennhurst, if there is one, is that when open, disrespect for the handicapped and mentally disabled begins to be tolerated and treated as acceptable, it can lead to cold-hearted, ignorant thinking and from there to unspeakable cruelty. The idea of having actors who would imitate Pennhurst patients while depicting them as monsters would tragically continue the same misguided thinking that ultimately forced the state to close Pennhurst […]

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Advocacy Group Blasts ‘Asylum’ at Pennhurst

September 16, 2010 Comments off

An advocacy group for the disabled has come out against a planned Halloween attraction on the grounds of a former home for the mentally disabled in Chester County […]

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